A monument of Ueshiba Morihei
A monument of Ueshiba Morihei

There is a grave and monument of Mr. Ueshiba Morihei who is the founder of Aikido in Kozan-ji Temple in 392  Inari cho  tanabe-shi  wakayama Japan


 It is a 20-minute walk from Kii itabe Station



Ueshiba Morihei is a Japanese martial artist and founder of Aikido.


Born December 14, 1883, died April 26, 1969


Born into a wealthy farmer of Tanabe, trained the martial arts, to study the Shinto, build up their own martial arts and spiritual philosophy, the founder of Aikido


Aikido does not compete with others for merit.

It becomes a passive martial art mainly by technology of conversion of body.




It is a 20-minute walk from Kii tabe Station to the grave of Ueshiba Morihei.


I will show you the directions to the following.


Please get out of the station and head right.

Please go on the sidewalk.


Go across the entrance to the pay parking lot to the police box on your right.

Turn right at the side of the police box.

Through the front of the vending machine, and then proceed to the branch point.

When you reach the branch point, proceed to the right.

Proceed along the line, when it reaches the crossing, cross the railway crossing

After crossing the railroad crossing, you will proceed to the left on the first left turn road.

It arrives in a straight forward and Kozan-ji Temple

There is a pedestrian crossing on the way

As you cross the pedestrian crossing, you raise the bank by the stairs

If you cross the bridge, you will arrive below Kozanji-temple.

It is the view from the center of the bridge to the sea side.


I can see the track.

Crossing the bridge, you can see the gate of Kozanji temple

The gate is Deva gate.


It is the gate, which enshrined the image of the Deva King to the left and right. It is a gate which is placed so that bad things do not get inside the temple.

Go up the stairs by 133 steps and turn left.

Turn left and proceed forward, you can see the place where you are putting a broom and dust collector to clean your grave on the left side.

If you go straight ahead, you will see lots of graves.


The stone statue which is big behind the diagonally right front is the monument of Ueshiba Morihei.Turn right at the location of the photo and you will arrive at the end of the street towards the left

Go straight ahead, at the end you will be the grave of Ueshiba Morihei on the right side.

The big stone statue on the right is the monument of Ueshiba Morihei.


A small stone statue on the left side becomes the tomb of the vegetarian's succession