Cockfight shrine 】(japanease : tokei jinjya)


6 minutes on foot from Kiitanabe station

8 minetes on foot from coffeehouse sabbat


Cockfight Shrine is a historic shrine is said to be 64 years AD founded.

Cockfighting shrine has played an important role as a branch point of the old road"kumanokodo" has been World Heritage Site in 2016

It is said that this shrine is a cockfight chicken shrine because people in this area forcibly divide the chicken into red and white to see who will boost the people in this area during the civil war in 1180


As the result of fortune telling  was right, in the streets it is worshiped as a god of gambling, and there are many people visiting for worship at the time of a game


【Ogigahama】(big beach of Tanabe)


14 minutes on foot from Kiobara station

3 minetes on foot from coffeehouse sabbat

Ogigahama is a big beach of Tanabe

Sunset looks beautiful

Summer is crowded as a beach